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The education sector is at a promising peak currently and many have made the most of the opportunities lined up for them in various fields through proper training and education. However there are occasions when one is confronted with the problem of lack of information regarding the sector from physical sources, at times such as these online directories can be of great assistance. Online directories on education will be able to provide educationists, students, parents, policy makers and aspirants of various courses with links to websites that are relevant to their search.

There are various kinds of listings on education ranging from academic resources, tutorials, training, teaching, university listings, tests and preparatory courses and so on. These listings could prove extremely useful for library staff, research persons, educators, trainers and students as well. One can get information on websites that offer different online courses and tutorials, listings of schools and universities in a preferred location or even access resources that are downloadable from these websites

The services of an online education directory is critical to find an array of resources and compare various options before making a choice related to one’s career or education. Teachers can access various lesson plans, educators can check for links to education funding agencies, curriculum designers can utilise the internet’s services through these directories and find the right sites that enhance their curriculum plan. There are also various language related resources that can be accessed through these directories.

There are various types of online directories about education and most of them fall under two categories – paid and free. While the paid directories are more focussed in the niche offered by education websites, the free sites merely give information on available options and help people with their decisions pertaining to education.

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