How has Science Benefitted Society
It is very important to understand that science and technology are closely associated with our day to day lives. Development in science and technology is very much required for the society to progress forward. So, how does science affect our growth as a society? Well, scientific research involves the study of various branches of science. It also involves the study of human genetics, space research, etc.

Science has always made attempts to understand and explore the way our physical world works. It analyzes nature and acquires new knowledge through the process of experimentation. Since scientific research is about understanding the different aspects of nature surrounding us, it is very critical for the development of the human race. What was considered impossible earlier have become possible due to the progress science has made over the centuries.

Science encompasses every aspect of human life. The study of natural sciences refers to the study of human life and the nature surrounding us. In fact, scientific research has shown the relationship that exists between human life and nature.  It has led to many discoveries and amazing inventions.

Science and technology has given us some brilliant inventions. In fact the field of transport and automobiles has grown over the years just because of science and technology. Earlier, bicycles were the main mode of transport. However, today, you have bikes, scooters, four wheelers, six wheelers, etc. The development of airplanes has made it possible for the common man to fly in the air. Another important example is the internet which has brought the world closer than ever before. It has completely revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct out business.

Finally, a major benefit is that science has made our lives more luxurious. It has reduced the need for human effort. Machines have replaced the need for humans. At home you have household appliances which do the work for you. At work, most of the risky tasks are handled by machines. No wonder, science has benefitted society and will continue to do so.

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