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There are many website owners whose sites suffer from a lack of visibility and readership. A good site with great graphics and compelling content is of little use without the right kind of readership, submitting a website to an online web directory is the best way to get any website read.

A few tips for directory submissions:

It is extremely important to get one’s directory submission information right as the way in which a site is submitted to a directory is as important as the design and contents of the site itself. The need for information is what prompts people to visit these directories and unless a website is optimised to cater to these people, the site is as good as non existent. Directories help sites get noticed faster and this can be done without a need for help from professionals who understand search engine parameters.

Not all directories fare well, human edited directories fare the best when it comes to quality of submitted links and range of topics of the sites. One must ensure that the submissions assure the site of high popularity. To ensure the website is in the right place one must constantly check the reputation of the links, link popularity, relevance of listings, page rank and so on. The topmost of all tips for directory submissions are listed below:

The title of the site must either be the domain name or company name - no keyword cramming here

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