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Web directories, especially travel directories have redefined the way people search for information. There are web directories for all kinds of categories these days. There are sites that deal exclusively with certain topics. Topics such as sports, entertainment, travel, education, movies, business, affiliate marketing, business and company websites, and social service and NGO websites and so on are explored by online website directories. These categories narrow down the search of the user and promise better visibility for the submitted websites. Web directories are also a great way to compare and contrast various brands.

There are various types of free, reciprocal and paid directories available for the use of browsers when it comes travel websites. All areas of travel and tourism are covered by these websites. There are specific websites related to specific topics. Topics such as local, domestic and international tourism, travel directions, online catalogues on travel operators, travel agencies, hotels, accommodation, travel based companies, tourist information, , promotional websites for travel plans, airlines, car rentals, travel insurance, tourist security info, cruises, destinations, tour operators, travel guides, language and travel survival training websites, shopping, speciality travel, travel preparation websites and so on are listed in a systematic manner.

One can also explore holiday rentals, destination and theme weddings as well through travel directories. Services that are offered to people with special needs and so on also form a major part of these directories dedicated to travel. These directories make it possible for users to access the exact information they need without having to search all over the internet for the same. These sites are either free or paid. Even website owners can make use of these travel directories and submit their websites well in time to ensure that their website is read by the right audience.

Travel Sub Categories

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