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Here are e few questions you should ask before you hire any local marketing company to do your advertising. 1. Show me proof you have clients who are # 1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing right now? We'll show you every client we have, has top spots in Google, Yahoo and Bing and so will you, Guaranteed or you don't pay! That's right, if you don't get first page listings, within 4 to 6 weeks, we'll refund every cent! 2. How many "keywords" or "search terms" will I have first page listings for in Google, Yahoo and Bing? We GUARANTEE you will have a top spot for at least 3 "keywords" or "search terms" in Google! (we average 7 to 10) It's not a misprint, you will have top listings in Google for 3 or more search terms or you don't pay! 3. How many "zip codes" will I have listings in? Did you know some cities can have 20 or more zip codes? We don't use zip codes but our "geo targeting" will get your business listed in every zip code in YOUR city, GUARANTEED! 4. What happens 4 months from now and my listing isn't on the first page anymore? We'll earn your business! If you don't keep at least 1 first page listings, you don't pay, period! Why should you pay for something you don't have? *This will work for any business in any city, no matter how big or small it is, no matter if they have a fancy web site, a plain web site or even if they don't have a web site at all!
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