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TeleSign’s Two-Factor Authentication Method: Out-Of-Band Verification

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A username and password are no longer enough to guarantee account security. Traditional methods of authenticating users are not scalable when deployed across a large, global user base. TeleSign provides phone-based Two-Factor Authentication that works with any phone and can be deployed worldwide. Using the telephone as a second factor is more cost effective and prevents the hassle of managing hardware, increases scalability. Being widely deployed TeleSign’s; users are more comfortable with their out-of-band authentication solutions. This out-of-band authentication not only blocks users trying to hack accounts, but also serves as a real-time alert for users whose username and password have been compromised. Quick Facts About Two-Factor Authentication Global Scalability: They have processed more than 1 billion transactions while maintaining enterprise-level uptime. Easy Integration: API integration is quick and seamless as no hardware to purchase or support. Phone Agnostic: TeleSign works on any phone. Enterprise Reliability: TeleSign’s solution is fully redundant on all hardware, network, and telecommunications layers. Phone Number Cleansing: In case any user enters an incorrectly formatted phone number, TeleSign automatically corrects it to adhere to complicated international dialing rules. Customization: TeleSign’s voice prompts are already available in over 50 languages and can be further customized. Consulting: A dedicated TeleSign customer success representative is always available to ensure a seamless integration and provide advice on best practices.
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