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Boris Nikhman Law have experience and proficiency in a broad array of practice areas with special focus on bankruptcy and divorce. We provide the finest in legal representation for our clients with an emphasis on personalized service. Legal issues arise sooner or later in everyone’s life, without exception, and when they do it is best to have an attorney that is already in place and poised to aggressively represent you while at the same time having your rights, protection and defense as his primary motivations. If you have a great deal of unsecured debt, such as credit cards, and are making only the minimum payments, you will be paying the debts off for many years. Once you fall behind, the collection calls will start, and your credit score rating, measured by your FICO score, will begin to plummet. Bankruptcy will, without question damage your credit score rating temporarily but it will stop the downward spiral of those missed payments and charge offs. The big difference is that after bankruptcy is discharged, you are essentially debt free or in an affordable program, depending on whether you filed Chapter 7 or 13. Staying with your mountain of debt for five, or more years will actually adversely affect your credit score for a longer period of time as you struggle to recover. Should another unfortunate turn of events occur in your future, and you will repeat the devastation all over again which will make you feel like your entire existence was spent paying off debts and never really living life as you wanted to. For a New York bankruptcy lawyer, call (646) 727-5016. As an experienced New York divorce attorney, Boris Nikhman Law have helped countless individuals through the difficult, and often painful, process of divorce. We realize the personal anguish and consternation associated with many divorce cases and our goal is to make your case as swift and stress free as possible while still getting you the settlement that you deserve.
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