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Award winning writer, novelist, broadcaster, lecturer, social activist and shamanic practitioner, Leslie, daughter of jazz musician Stan Kenton, is well known for her work in journalism and television world-wide. A living example of health and vitality, Leslie has been described as ‘the most original voice in health and beauty’ and ‘the guru of health and fitness’. Two things fired Leslie’s interest in health. Firstly she was constantly ill as a child and no-one seemed able to help her - Leslie now suspects food allergies. Secondly, when her long-awaited sister was born with her intestines in a sac outside her body, requiring major surgery at 5 hours old, Leslie was determined that she was not going to die. By the time the baby was ready to leave hospital Leslie had read up on nutrition and had changed the entire family’s diet. This is pretty much the way Leslie works in all areas of her life - see a problem, change it.
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