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A Montessori infant room is called the Nest, and its teachers are called "Assistants to Infancy" as the main goal is to help bring out the natural abilities that these children have. There will be a maximum of eight children with a lead directress and an assistant. As with our other directresses, both have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or a field related to education. A Montessori infant room houses an area for gross motor skills, such as bars for pulling themselves up and steps to practice climbing. Students sit at chairs and tables while eating, instead of highchairs, to develop the muscles and manners that they need for properly sitting at the table. Students in this classroom will begin working on toileting skills and self-help skills such as washing their hands. The goal of this classroom is to meet the infant’s needs, foster independence, psychomotor development, language acquisition, and provide the first structured social interactions.
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