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Alcohol consumption makes up a major portion of American society, in fact experts consider a couple drinks a day for men and one a day for women as generally accepted and reasonable. The fact is, over thirteen million people a year abuse the use of alcohol and are in fact alcoholics. So what makes an alcoholic? When does casual use become alcohol abuse and require alcohol rehab? Alcoholism is generally narrowed down to a list of symptoms or characteristics and is generally displayed by signs of constant dependence. The effects of prolonged alcohol abuse will interfere with interpersonal relationships, family relationships and eventually the individual’s job or career. Constant alcohol use and abuse affects the body in a multitude of negative ways from organ damage to brain damage. Though some of these health related issues may not be fully reversible the effects alcohol has had on an individual’s life is. Through Alcohol Rehab New York City, an alcoholic can begin to rectify their habits and reestablish control of their body as well as their life. Through alcohol detox and rehab, alcoholics can mend the ties lost during alcohol abuse with their families, careers and personal relationships. Attempting to quit alcohol abuse on your own can be dangerous to your body. If your withdrawal symptoms are too strong and you feel extreme pain, discomfort and sickness while attempting to withdraw you must stop immediately and seek detox and rehabilitation help. Alcohol and substance abuse may control your life or someone you love but it doesn’t have to. Contact us today and let us help you get your life back in control and your health back in order today.
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