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At Cruise Planner and American Express TravelWorld, not only are you investing in a global billion-dollar brand, you are also investing in individuals who have a passion for travel. The genuine travel experience begins with a vacation - a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle we call life. Can you recall the feeling of boarding a plane or embarking a ship at the beginning of your vacation? Remember the rush of excitement and time spent anticipating your vacation? Right now, ship cruising is booming. Most people have never cruised before in their lifetime. It is an experience compared to non-other. The value is unbeatable to a traditional vacation, where you are able to appreciate incredible food; relaxation, ship and shore activities that come with this mode of transportation; and all are inclusive in this type of vacation. As the cruise industry grows, people are realizing the simplicity, appeal, and huge value it really is to cruise for their vacation. There is increased demand for cruises for its role in innovation; a hallmark of the travel industry playing a large role of success in the globalization of itinerates, luxury small ship vacations, river cruises, and unique destination-rich voyages. The industry is revolutionizing since vacation cruising has value that is luxurious, appealing and charming. The times that people have negative experiences were the times they did not had a travel agent to assist them and help them find the best value, or personalize their experiences with special needs or requests. There have always been disadvantages in booking travel online. It has come to a point where there is far too much information and automation on the web today to be confident in booking the lowest fare. It can easily take hours and hours to book a simple vacation, and take days to find the best cruise deal. We realize consumers don’t want to want to continually stress knowing whether they received the best value in booking their vacation. It’s no wonder that 97% of all cruises booked last year were booked through a travel agent. There are the little items that often aren’t realized like: insurance, travel supplier discounts, and frequent price changes. The best part of Cruise Planners / American Express is just that – American Express. You get to take advantage of the extra amenities and promotions offered to our travelers through American Express. We have incredible offers for American Express cardholders and offers for those who don’t have an American Express card. That is what sets up apart from other travel agencies. You will always receive the added value and benefit for booking your vacation because of the little blue box. If you have already booked your own travel or have booked through another agency, let us see if we can still help you. If you have already done your research on a trip, let us work together to find the best value and travel experience for you and your family. Many and many times over, we work with all the travel suppliers including: hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rentals, wedding planners, shore excursion companies and jewelry stores to access special services and promotions to get the best value and experience for our travelers. Whether this is your first cruise, or whether you are a seasoned cruiser; whether you want to plan a wedding, or go on a land tour vacation; our purpose is to make your experience the MOST memorable experience you will have ever have. At Cruise Planners American Express TravelWord, not only are you investing in a global billion-dollar brand, you are also investing in individuals who have a passion for travel and than can provide quality service, and very competitive pricing for ALL of your travel and wedding needs. Cruise Planners American Express TravelWorld, a professional travel agency is located in St. George, Utah serving its local and global market. Hours of operation are: Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm; Sat, 10am-2pm.
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