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Loose Diamonds, Fancy Jewelry

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Our staff diamond grader has over 22 years of active experience grading diamonds making him more knowledgeable than a gemologist. Using their expertise in grading diamonds, we save you the cost of a full certification report by a third party. Providing each diamond or jewelry’s certificate is a huge investment and worthless for average priced diamond and jewelry. Certifying diamonds through a third party takes a long time to process. We grade our diamonds similarly to popular gem labs. If you take the same diamond to today’s most popular gem grading labs, every report will be different from each lab. This is because each grading is done by a person with their own individual experiences with that gem lab’s guidance to grade. We do not provide Diamond Certifications, but we do provide Diamond Appraisal Reports which give the same or more detailed information without the added costs. We grade our diamond with common descriptions and show you detailed actual images for our VVS1 to I4 clarity diamonds. This will help you more to compare with common grade and make you more confident with quality, clarity, color, shape and cut for our diamond. Diamonds sold in lots, black diamonds, mountings, finished and unfinished jewelry are not the actual images of the items. To fully understand our diamond qualities, please read our Diamond Education and the rest of this page to make a better educated purchase and you will understand the quality of the diamond you will get from us.
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