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Do you have difficulty losing weight, handling stress or putting your best foot forward? Do you ever feel powerless over the direction that your life is taking? Does your professional or personal success seem to be determined by forces beyond your control? If so, you may want to consider talking to a life coach. A life coach is different from a consultant, mentor or counselor in that coaching sessions are focused on specific goals. A life coach helps identify obstacles getting in the way of the objective and helps the client decide what needs to be done to achieve their goal. Leslie Traill experienced this kind of intervention in her own life twice. Overweight, bullied, and angry, at 17 Leslie was taken under the wing of a Buddhist nun, who herself had studied with Namgyal Rimpoche in Tibet. Leslie was taught to meditate. The master-student relationship is an essential part of this practice, a bond not easily attainable in North America. Learning to meditate changed Leslie’s life in that the many clinically proven benefits from a consistent meditation practice are: - Clarity of Thought - Empowered Decision-making Skills - Improved Overall Health - Improved Eating Habits & Digestion - Improved Relationships - Pain Management - Reduced Anxiety - Restful Sleep - Stress Relief Through Leslie’s apprenticeship and attainment, she is able to pass along to clients the benefits of moment-to-moment non-judgmental awareness in her life coaching sessions. When Leslie was in her 30’s and starting her career, she struggled with shyness which was hindering her success. A life coach helped her overcome this obstacle. Since then, Leslie found herself reaching out and coaching others she encountered in her fast paced career in fashion, as they shared with her their struggles with being in the industry. In 2008 Leslie completed her certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her company Sexy Over Sixty serves primarily women 35 and older through transition life coaching. Leslie Traill’s life coaching is a complete natural solution for: - mastering stress - losing weight - becoming a happier, healthier individual - becoming self-reliant and self-directed - conquering the symptoms of menopause What sets Leslie Traill apart from other life coaches is that not only does she use meditation to help her clients achieve clarity of mind to understand how to achieve their goals, but she also is an astrologist. For those who are interested, the coaching process can start with an astrological reading which can cut through what would take multiple initial coaching sessions, saving the client time and money, and making their coaching all that more effective by laying the groundwork for the direction that needs to be taken. Leslie can then follow up the breakthroughs made through astrology reading sessions with meditation and a variety of life coaching skills, allowing her clients to complete their transition into a happy and healthy lifestyle.
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