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Advanced Wood Floors LLC is hardwood flooring service in Milford, Connecticut. Hardwood floors are a great way to increase the value and beauty of your home. Ensure the best outcome with our complete installation process. Avoid the aftermath of a flooring project covering your sparkling new floors with layers of dust. Our virtually dust-free process allows you to enjoy your floors. Nothing is more frustrating when your excitement for a new hardwood floor is coated by the mess left behind. While no company can claim to be completely dust-free, our staff specializes in dust control sanding. Allergy-sufferers know the wrath of allergens in their homes. Don't add to allergy-inducing elements. Ensure your hardwood floor venture doesn't produce excessive amounts of dust. With our fresh equipment and techniques, your home will practically be dust-free. We take the time to measure the necessary rooms, snap chalk lines, and pre-fit vital areas in order to provide an even, shining floor from room to room. When you decide to get new hardwood floors, ensure the process is executed with a fine finish. With our wide selection of finishes, your floor is sure to shine. Your new hardwood floor deserves the best. It's significant to have just the right finish, as it protects the floor from harmful substances that will damage its appearance. Our high quality finishes include: Water-based stains, Water-based polyurethane, Oil-based stains, Oil-based polyurethane, Environmentally-friendly "Green" floor finishes and prefinished flooring. Hardwood floor finishes are key to protecting your floor from intense wear and tear damage. When protected with a quality finish, hardwood flooring can last longer and stay beautiful.
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