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You know you need a relationship coach if you answer "yes" to two or more of the following: - Would you like to be in a relationship, but are afraid to date? - Are you clueless about where to meet single, relationship-ready men? - Do you feel like you don't understand men and what they really want from a woman? - Are you continually attracting "wrong guys"? - Do the men you want to be with stop calling? - Are you frequently second-guessing your behavior before, during, and after dates? - Have you been accused of being "too picky" when it comes to men? - Are you "burned out" on dating? - Have you given up hope on meeting "the one"? - Do you find yourself intensely attracted when meeting someone new, and then quickly lose interest when newness fades? - Do you settle for men who are wrong for you? - Are you a hopeless romantic, who is unable to recognize or hold out for true love? - Do you stay in hopeless relationships? Understand Men Now can help you with all of this and more. Experience the Most Connected, Loving Relationship of Your Life by Learning the 7 Secret Insights about Men and How they Think at Each Stage of a Relationship—From a First Date, to Saying, “I love you”, to Committing to You Forever. Get group or one-on-one coaching from the “love coach” who can give you the perspective of the kind of man you are dating or hope to attract. Sign up for Jonathon’s FREE Weekly Dating Tips at http://www.understandmennow.com.
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