Free "Paid Listing"? Yes, everything is possible when you are or were helpful.

This type of listing will have
How to get it?

To fulfill this type of the listing without paying us for, you have to show and proof us that in the last 30 days you have helped an accreditted organization with donation or in the last 6 month you have been involved with an actuall help that you didn't get paid for, all you need to do is to attach a copy that will proof a donation, helped to helpless in a paper format, rescue, protecting women (Serenity gets the extra max links and has no time frame), returning soldier, belongs to a helpful religious organization or place where people receive and not give ..., helpful religious schools, top universities and education centers with free seminars or programs to be helpful to their own kind ..., independents with similar..., we welcome your own typed and signed paper format if you do help others for free and you have no evidence of it because that's the way you do things, we do understand it.

All you need to do is to attach this copy in image format (jpg, jpeg, gif, png) when you are submitting the listing request form, upload the copy in the very last image upload area, please notify us in the Message Area about the Existance of an Attachement which needs to be reviewed when this will change the listing type. A Type That: We Will Be More Helpful When It Comes To More Links.


We reserve to deny any request after a careful review.


If you have any question, feel free to contact us.