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For blue screen after using HP recovery disk, use the below common fix.

Freeze the "Freeze Blue Screen".

How? Start the computer and When you see the "Freeze Blue Screen" Hold Ctrl and Alt Key + press the Delete key to start the task manager, in the tab Applications click on any open program and click on the End Task to shut down the process..., you would be able to see the start menu, then Start + Run and write msconfig and Ok.

If asked for administrator permission click on the continue..., you either have option to unckeck the running services in General tab or in the tab Start Up, uncheck all the services, if you are familiar with them! then uncheck the ones running the "Freeze Blue Screen", our victim's computer was the 1. Hewlet-Packard Spawn Application, 2. hypsysdrv, 3. Visual Process Logger Delux..., 4. Block Tracker, 5. ATICCC, ... + Apply and Ok.

Now restart the computer, and the "Freeze Blue Screen"'s process already has been Frozen by the above actions if you get them done right, if not just retry from the beginning, you could connect online or use any CD or Disk you may have to fix the issues, but I realize that everything is working just fine and fast in our victim's computer, it looks like I did stop too many extra services, the windows was and is installed correctly, so, even better...


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For the latest Malware attacks aid and UN Authorized Installation’s Fix *A Common Fix*, if you see pop ups which are telling you that your computer is infected and you need to scan or do this or buy this and even using their scan will put some viruses into your system...

Do This:

1. Restart your computer and go to Safe Mode, How?
As soon as the computer restarts and I mean as soon as you plugged it to the power and pressed the power button or just after the restart, keep pressing F8 and F10 keys on your computer’s keyboard. (Some computers are F8 and some are F10, pressing both of them shouldn’t cause any other page to pop, otherwise try F8 and try F10 separately)

In some computers these keys are disabled and it would take to unplug the computer from the power for several times to see the start up option, then you could choose to go to the safe mode.

Make sure to press up or down key button to cancel any countdown for startup option page if it disappears too fast for you.

Make sure the safe mode is highlighted by moving up and down using the up and down arrow keys on your computer’s keyboard.

2. After everything loads click on start button, and click on the Run (Make sure to choose to login with an administrator if it asks).

If you don’t see the Run in the start menu, then right click on the start menu’s button and click on the properties and in the Start Menu tab make sure the one is checked is the “Classic Start Menu” and then click on OK and click on the start button and click on the Run.

3. Type msconfig and press enter or click on the OK.

Vista users maybe asked to validate, so just click on the continue, it may take time, be patient with and give it some time, your computer is maybe slow, just go step by step and with patience.

4. Now there is a new window opened and it is the System Configuration, go to the tab start up and UN Check any Unknown or Un popular ones, like I would keep any thing has the name of Microsoft, or Google, a Yahoo Search or Popular programs that I trust and know, make sure Uncheck all other and click on the OK button.

5. Now restart the computer, and you should be able to use any disk that you may want to use to do any repair, or go online and do your things.

If your computer works fine but you can’t go online, in some cases, these malwares or Un authorized installations would change something and you will need to change it back, how?:

Click on the start button and then setting and control panel or start and control panel to find internet option.

If you don’t see the internet options make sure to click the Classic View in the left hand of the control panel to see all setting options inside control panel. Or You can get there just by right clicking the Internet Explorer and clicking on the properties.

In the Internet properties (Internet Options) click on the connections tab, now click on the Lan Setting, and a new small window will be open for the Lan setting, make sure the only one is checked is “Automatically detect setting” and Uncheck all other ones before choosing this option, (if you are familiar with proxy, in this case, change the info for yours instead of the Unwanted information changes) + Click on the Ok, and Ok for the Internet properties.

This fix is a common fix for some of these new malware and Un authorized installations, you want to thank it or help it? Pass it on to others, let others win this scam, if they willing to spend time to fix then let them have the info to use for.


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The best antivirus package to use? If your computer carries a legal copy of windows installation, then you can download the freest, lightest, and safe package which provided for free from Microsoft, it will keep your computer safe, in case you installed it = Un install all other ones. Where? Microsoft Security Essentials.