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Website Packages

Currently we build websites, World Wide Web Visibility to customers or users, rich and quick viewer experience, easy to be viewed and to be found in first pages at search results in major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN (With Bing Now), Ask, Altavista, Alltheweb,...

How?: The answer is to large to be explained into a single page, the best way that we could describe is, the website will be search engine friendly using the correct and compatible sources to built pages including any part of the website or add ones.

How much we charge? It is simple to count, we like to charge our client as we spend time to work on the project; depends on how long progress will take due to your business type.

Website Packages Types:

1. Built, design, search (light)
2. #1 + more professional search works (Contract Required) We work on one time contract. Monthly website updates with monthly contracts if you already have a website with us, If you have built your website in the past with other companies and now need some updates only, we can manage that as well,...

Types and Progress

We will consult for domain choices (Please let us find the right name for your website).
We need to know what do you do as well as the business information that we request to find out your online target areas. Some information that you already have them, such as your business or service business cards, flyers, any other webpage or website, the ideas you have for your online website, and what outcomes should be there in the results.
A description of your business; for example: If this business is a cafe or restaurant we will need your flyers, menus, events or specials, hours of operation, and ..., After finding the information we will built your website in the direction that we found by some research, your website will be up in Google, and Yahoo! search engines + many other search engines.

What extra comes with the second package?

The first package + a lots of search works + Blogs + Directories + Maps + Feeds + Map and local codes + special promotions,...

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